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skin structure

The skin is made up of three different layers.

  1. epidermis
  2. dermis
  3. hypodermis (or subcutaneous tissue)

The top layer, the epidermis, makes up only a small part of the skin. Collagen and elastin are produced/stored in the dermis. The subcutaneous tissue contains adipocytes, connective tissue, large nerves and blood vessels, and macrophages, cells that are part of the immune system and protect the body from pathogens.

Functions of epidermis

The epidermis has three main functions.

  • The ability to protect the body from the environment, especially from the sun.
  • The ability to prevent large water outflows from the body.
  • The ability to protect the body from disease infection

Preventing excessive moisture loss and retaining an appropriate amount of moisture are essential to keeping the skin in good condition. Skin moisture is strongly influenced by external factors such as UV rays and humidity. Water is constantly lost through the skin (transepidermal water loss). It is important to 'nourish' the skin with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, which fills the voids of water lost through hydration with moisturizing emollients and oils, forming a barrier against water loss.

What is bioactive?

Science inspired by nature

As you know, 100% natural organic ingredients are popular and popular. Plants and flowers can produce highly effective synthetics. Some of them are healthy and some are not. By extracting the desired components such as peptides, amino acids, liposomes, etc., we use a higher level of "natural" bioactive ingredients. Bioactive refers to the process by which a laboratory extracts desirable compounds from nature.

What is playtime?

Texture matters

What you need to create a fast-absorbing cream is not water, but a blend of quality ingredients. Many of the creams you find in drugstores are difficult to absorb into your skin, which is why they require a "waiting time" to penetrate your skin. In general, formulating a cream to penetrate the epidermis quickly requires a well-formulated product, which is why a premium face cream feels so luxurious. Water-based products are not absorbed and remain on the skin, leaving the skin feeling even drier than before when the water evaporates. The popular water-based moisturizers on the market may bleed their limited ingredients into your skin. Unfortunately, these products contain few ingredients that keep skin hydrated throughout the day.

Brand name ingredients, not brand name products

There is a reason why we named this product WOW Cream. We wanted to appeal to the research, testing and results of the ingredients, not the whimsical name value of the brand. That's why we list the ingredients on the package. We would like our customers to be informed about the ingredients of WOW cream and the laboratory that makes it before purchasing. We strongly believe that skin care products should not be marketed as magical products, but should be the product of scientific research.